Meet Margaret Cusack & Brittany Frantz

Coppell Family Practice - Doctor Brittany Frantz and Megan Cusack

Recently, Margaret Cusack & Brittany Frantz took part in an interview with Voyage Dallas about what inspired them to get into the medical industry and ultimately started their Coppell family practice at Healthcare at the Grove.

From childhood ambition through to higher education achievements, both Margaret and Brittany knew there was purpose in what they wanted to do with their lives.

As founders of Healthcare at the Grove, they are on a mission to help people in their community, and beyond with telehealth technology.

Take a moment to read their story on Voyage Dallas today:

Margaret Cusack

Also known as Megan, tells us about who had a great influence on her life with regards to getting into the medical industry and who she was mostly focused on. She felt nursing was a rewarding occupation but it went further than that for her.

Professionally, Margaret Cusack has accomplished many things in her career which has given her the confidence to open Healthcare at The Grove.

Brittany Frantz

In this interview with Voyage Dallas, Brittany Frantz explains how an unexpected incident at high school sparked her passion in the world of medicine and primary care through a medical emergency.

Brittany Frantz has also committed herself to treating the whole person with preventive care. You only need to spend a few minutes with her to realize she is passionate about the care she gives her patients.

We encourage you to find out more about these incredible nurse practitioners in Coppell in their story on Voyage Dallas today:

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