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About Margaret Cusack, FNP

Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner in Coppell, TX


About Margaret Cusack, FNP

Margaret Cusack, FNP, is a family nurse practitioner and the co-owner of Healthcare at the Grove. Margaret provides compassionate health care for children and adults in Coppell, Texas. 

Margaret, also known as Megan, believes that nursing was her calling in life. Her Grandma Jean wanted her to be a doctor who takes care of older people, but Megan was passionate about becoming a nurse. While doctors were always busy assisting patients, moving in and out of rooms, nurses could slow down a bit more and spend time interacting with their patients. 

She moved to Texas in 2002, starting her career as a labor and delivery nurse. After spending five years in the field, she attended Texas Woman’s University for her master’s degree. Margaret graduated from Texas Woman’s University in 2006 as a nurse practitioner, and has since been working in various disciplines, including urgent care, correctional care, and family medicine. 

Though everyday brings new challenges as a nurse practitioner, Margaret enjoys every experience. She is grateful for the opportunities and relationships formed with her patients and their families, and looks forward to helping them navigate through each health issue.