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Finding a healthcare provider that offers primary care for each stage of your life can be a challenge. Healthcare at the Grove is a Coppell family practice that provides an integrative approach to preventative care, routine wellness, and chronic care management for individuals and families throughout the Dallas, Texas area.

We are accepting new patients! If you and your family would like to experience a new way of taking care of your health and wellness, schedule an appointment.

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Healthcare at the Grove was formed with the desire to help foster and promote the overall wellbeing of the Cypress Waters community. Our goal is to provide a high quality Coppell family practice, that offers affordable and comprehensive healthcare across all ages and stages of life. We strive to work in partnership with the community on all levels.

At Healthcare at the Grove, we are committed to health and wellness. We will partner with every patient as an individual person with their unique circumstances. We believe proactive and preventative measures help keep a community healthy. Healthcare at the Grove has the wellness services you’d like to maintain a healthy life, in addition to the convenient care services you need when illness or injury strikes.

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Meet Our Primary Care Providers

Being a part of this community over the years, we’ve met many of you in person. You can trust that we’ll provide you with top standards in today’s health technology to ensure excellent care.

Healthcare for Ages 2+

We serving all ages 2+.

Coppell Family Practice

Welcome to the new Healthcare at the Grove.

Personal Care

Taking an interest in your personal health.

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“My trusted caregivers for over 7 yrs, in a new location. Megan Cusack is the 1st person I’ve ever seen that sits and looks you in the eye and takes the time to listen. She asks the right questions and considers mind body and soul in your healing process. She’s the rare medical professional that understands how all systems of the body work together. I can even go to her for my well-woman checkup, and expect thorough care. She’s been great at creating a care plan and very responsive through her web portal.”

– Tracy K.

“Do yourself a favor and go see Megan and Brittany at Healthcare at the Grove! I’ve been seeing them for 5 years and can tell you they are 2 of the best primary care providers out there. They genuinely care about your well being and strive to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Staff is wonderful and always helpful! Everything about Healthcare at the Grove is an A+!”

– Jennifer E.

“What you will experience at The Grove is personalized holistic medical care that is rare these days at your typical Doctor’s office. The providers here are not just excellent medical professionals but also some of the most compassionate, kind and caring people. After one visit, you will already feel like part of The Grove family and know that the providers will be at your side on the your journey to a happier and healthier self.”

– Andrew C.

“Love this clinic! Great people and great service!”

– Bryce L.

“I can’t remember the last time I left a health care visit ever feeling so heard. I GREATLY appreciate you and am SO glad I found The Grove!”

“I want to reiterate how very proud I am of [Megan] You and Brittany for the courage and hard work it took to spread your wings and branch out on your own. I can’t tell you how much I respect & admire that about you two. Secondly, I want you to know that your mission of patient first has always translated beautifully in your care. Thank you for always caring for me, the person, rather than just the body. It can be a rarity in medicine, so your willingness to really listen & give your valuable time is extraordinary.”

“Thank you to the best medical team ever!”

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Meet Margaret Cusack & Brittany Frantz

Meet Margaret Cusack & Brittany Frantz

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