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Our Primary Care Providers

The Grove Health was formed with the desire to help foster and promote the overall wellbeing of the Cypress Water community. Our goal is to provide high quality, affordable, and comprehensive healthcare across all ages and stages of life. We strive to work in partnership with the community on all levels.

Healthcare at the Grove will partner with every patient as a whole person and not just a disease process. We believe proactive and preventative measures help keep a community healthy. Healthcare at the Grove has the wellness services you’d like to maintain a healthy life, in addition to the convenient care services you need when illness or injury strikes.

Our healthcare facility is made up of highly skilled healthcare professionals who understand the importance of caring for the whole person. Megan and Brittany have been serving patients in the Coppell area since 2012.

Areas of Expertise


Routine Wellness Exams

Preventative care is the most effective and cost efficient form of healthcare for the family. They also help to identify chronic health care concerns earlier to help reduce impact on quality of life and minimize health care costs.

Chronic Care Management

Preventative care can uncover issues that may need to be further addressed. We encourage everyone to schedule an appointment to discuss your health and wellness.

Acute Illness

Is there ever a good time to be sick? We are happy to see a sick person at any age. These visits can include various sickness and injury. Don’t wait! Schedule an appointment today.

Travel Health

Consultations for travel are important to the wellness of any traveler. We encourage you to make an appointment to discuss vaccinations and any medication you may need prior to your international travel.