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Womens Heart Health Month!

Feb 03, 2024
Over 60 million women (44%) in the United States are living with some form of heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States and can affect women at any age. Prevention is KEY!

As National Patient Appreciation Week unfolds (February 1st -7th), we want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you. At The Grove, our commitment to your well-being goes beyond medical care; it's about building a community that thrives on health and happiness.

Thank You for Trusting Us:

Your trust in our team means the world to us. It is the foundation upon which we build lasting relationships and provide the highest standard of care. Your confidence empowers us to continually strive for excellence.

Partnering in Your Health Journey:

We understand that your health journey is unique, and we are honored to be a part of it. Your dedication to your well-being inspires us every day, and we appreciate the opportunity to walk alongside you on the path to a healthier life.

The Grove Community:

Our community is not just a practice; it's a family of individuals committed to supporting and uplifting each other. National Patient Appreciation Week gives us the perfect moment to celebrate the incredible individuals who make up The Grove family.

Your Feedback Matters:

Whether it's a smile at the front desk, a kind word during a visit, or valuable feedback, each interaction shapes the experience at The Grove. Your input guides us as we continually enhance our services to better meet your needs.

Thank You for Being Amazing:

To our amazing patients, thank you for being the heartbeat of The Grove. Your resilience, kindness, and commitment to your health inspire us daily. We look forward to many more years of partnership and shared successes.

During this special week, we celebrate you—our extraordinary patients. Your health, well-being, and happiness are at the forefront of all we do.

Heart Health 

As we step into February, we are excited to observe Women's Heart Health Month, a dedicated time to raise awareness about the importance of cardiovascular well-being for women. Your heart health is paramount, and at [Your Practice Name], we are committed to supporting you in every step of your wellness journey.

Why Women's Heart Health Month Matters:

  • Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death among women globally, and Women's Heart Health Month serves as a reminder to prioritize heart health.
  • Heart disease can manifest differently in women, often with subtler symptoms, making awareness and prevention crucial.

Statistics You Should Know:

  • According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular diseases cause 1 in 3 women's deaths each year.
  • 90% of women have one or more risk factors for heart disease or stroke.

Steps to Empower Your Heart Health:

  • Know Your Numbers: Schedule a heart health checkup to monitor cholesterol, blood pressure, and other vital statistics regularly.
  • Prioritize Physical Activity: Aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week to keep your heart strong.
  • Nourish Your Body: Adopt a heart-healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains.
  • Manage Stress: Incorporate stress-reducing activities such as yoga, meditation, or deep breathing into your routine.
  • Quit Smoking: If you smoke, quitting is one of the best things you can do for your heart.

Schedule Your Heart Health Checkup:

This February, take a proactive step toward a healthier heart. Schedule a heart health checkup with our team at The Grove. We are here to provide support, guidance, and personalized care to empower your heart wellness.

Remember, your heart is the rhythm of your life. Let's ensure it beats strong and healthy for years to come.

Brittany received OMA recognition 

We are thrilled to share some exciting news from The Grove! Our esteemed provider, Brittany Lob, DNP, FNP-C, has recently completed advanced training with the Obesity Medicine Society, specializing in weight management.

About Brittany Lob, DNP, FNP-C:

Brittany has always been dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to our community. Her recent accomplishment with the Obesity Medicine Society reflects her commitment to staying at the forefront of healthcare advancements.

A Specialization in Weight Management:

At The Grove, we take pride in offering a holistic approach to healthcare, and Brittany's specialization in weight management aligns perfectly with this philosophy. She believes in the importance of preventative health and is passionate about helping her patients build healthy lives for the long term, not just focusing on short-term weight loss goals.

What This Means for You:

Brittany's advanced training enhances our ability to provide personalized and effective weight management solutions. Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your overall health, or prevent weight-related issues, Brittany is here to support you on your journey.

Building Healthy Lives Together:

We are not just a healthcare provider; we are your partners in building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Brittany's dedication to preventative health and her specialized training in weight management exemplify our commitment to your well-being.

Join Us in Celebrating Brittany's Achievement:

Please join us in congratulating Brittany Lob on this significant accomplishment. We are proud to have her as a valued member of The Grove family.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with Brittany, feel free to reach out to our office.

Here's to building healthy lives together!

Phone System 

Ensuring streamlined communication with The Grove is crucial for your efficient healthcare management. 

Here's a quick guide on the best practices:

  1. Use the Patient Portal for All Requests:
  • Leverage the convenience of the patient portal for appointment scheduling, prescription refills, and general inquiries. It's a secure and efficient way to communicate with your healthcare team. 
  1. Contact Your Pharmacy for Refills:
  • For prescription refills, reach out to your pharmacy directly. They can initiate the request and coordinate with your doctor's office for authorization, making the process faster and more seamless.
  1. Check Your Portal for Follow-Up Requests:
  • Regularly review your patient portal for any follow-up requests from your provider. This ensures you stay informed about necessary actions and upcoming appointments.
  1. Download AthenaPatient App for Easy Communication:
  • Simplify communication by downloading the Athenahealth app. This user-friendly tool allows you to communicate with your healthcare team, view test results, and manage appointments from the convenience of your mobile device.
  • Link for app here! AthenaPatient  
  1. Be Mindful of Phone Queues:
  • Understand that all calls go into a queue. If your call is not answered promptly, it may be during lunch, off hours, or our team is on another call. Please leave a detailed message, and avoid making multiple calls, as this can delay our ability to address your needs promptly.
  1. Leave a Detailed Message:
  • When leaving a voicemail, provide essential details about your inquiry, including your name, date of birth, and the reason for your call. This ensures our team can address your request accurately and efficiently.
  1. Off-Hours and Lunch Breaks:
  • Note that during off-hours or lunch breaks, our team may not be immediately available to take calls. Your understanding and patience are appreciated during these times.

Efficient communication is a shared responsibility. By utilizing the patient portal, contacting your pharmacy for refills, checking for follow-up requests, and using the Athenahealth app, you contribute to a smoother healthcare experience. Remember, leaving a detailed message when necessary ensures that your needs are addressed promptly and accurately. Thank you for your cooperation in optimizing communication with our practice.

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About Healthcare At The Grove

Healthcare at the Grove offers caring and affordable primary care for patients throughout their lifespan. Experienced family nurse practitioners Margaret Cusack, FNP, and Brittany Lob, DNP, FNP, have more than 30 years of collective experience in their field, and they lead a team of knowledgeable providers who deliver exemplary medical care in the Coppell, Texas, office. 

The Healthcare at the Grove team views each patient as a whole person, not a collection of symptoms. Through preventive care, they can help patients avoid many acute and chronic illnesses and even metabolic disorders.

The practice is also a reliable source of wellness care when you’re not feeling your best. From routine wellness exams and immunizations to intravenous (IV) nutritional therapy, supplements, and skin rejuvenation through Opus Plasma® and Harmony XL Pro ClearLift® treatments, the providers can help optimize your wellness in a variety of ways.  

The Healthcare at the Grove team is currently accepting new patients, and always welcomes returning patients. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.