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August News Letter from THE GROVE

Jul 28, 2023
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In this newsletter, you will find information about our upcoming events at The Grove. Enjoy!


The Grove was named Best in Neighborhood, by YOU. We are honored and humbled to be voted a 2023 @Nextdoor Neighborhood Fave. This award means so much for our business and helps us continue to grow in our community! Be sure to visit us on @Nextdoor through the link in our bio and leave a recommendation. #NeighborhoodFaves


Back to School   

At The Grove, we welcome all students back to school with excitement for the upcoming academic year. As kids embark on this new year, we want to remind parents and guardians about the importance of maintaining their children's health and well-being. 

  • If participating in sports for the 7th grade or over please ensure Sports physical forms are completed. These can be done for $25 at the office for any area kids or with a “Well Child” exam if you are a Grove patient. 
  • Ensure all vaccinations are up-to-date to protect against preventable illnesses.
  • Encourage healthy eating habits and provide nutritious lunches to fuel their minds and bodies.
  • Incorporate daily physical activity to enhance fitness, concentration, and overall happiness.
  • Establish consistent bedtime routines to ensure adequate sleep for cognitive development.
  • Practice good hand hygiene and cough etiquette to minimize the spread of germs and maintain a healthy learning environment. In addition to flu season approaching we are still seeing COVID-19 in the community. 


Medical Grade Skincare

From the company that has dedicated 20+ years of research to the science of anti-aging, CBD+ is the first professional skincare solution that combines the scientific benefits of full spectrum CBD, shown to visibly reduce redness and calm the appearance of stressed skin, with clinically proven cosmetic ingredients to visibly rebalance the skin back to a natural, healthy state.

Performance Driven Ingredients
Formulated for optimum skin health using the power of active naturals & scientific ingredients. Providing your customers with results while maintaining the quality of clean skincare by being sulfate, fragrance, phthalate, gluten, cruelty & paraben free.

Full Spectrum CBD
Regulates & balances key functions within the skin thru the immune, melanocyte & sebum system while controlling cellular activities & skins inflammatory response both within treatments & from day to day environmental stressors.



Did you know that we have a program to help you achieve your healthcare goals at home? We have the ability to monitor your blood sugar, weight and blood pressure, with our partners from Withings. This give us real time information in which to help track your numbers. We can make adjustments to your regimen over the phone or web if needed. Here are some of the benefits of remote patient monitoring. If you think this could be a good option for you please discuss with your provider and they will instruct you how to get registered for this program.

  1. Minimize the need for in-person visits and therefore reduce hospital visits and expenses
  2. Help health care providers spot warning signs and treat health issues in a timely manner
  3. Help keep track of patient data and progress without having to rely on manual processes
  4. Provide telemedicine services so patients can seek treatment and advice remotely
  5. Monitor patients’ health indicators and vital signs remotely
  6. Assist in the detection of illnesses and provide early treatment
  7. Reduce wait times and help better manage patient flow
  8. Personalize the health care experience and allow for more individualized care
  9. Increase patient involvement in their own health care and improve compliance
  10. Improve patient satisfaction and overall quality of care

Video about the devices HERE 


Margaret Cusack 

This week at The Grove we are highlighting one of our providers. Check out her story to learn more about her and Healthcare at The Grove! 

Megan grew up in New Mexico. After graduation from Texas Tech University with her Bachelors in Nursing in 2001, Megan moved to the DFW metroplex to pursue her Master’s Degree. Megan graduated from Texas Woman’s University in 2006 with a Master’s Degree in Nursing, with a focus as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Megan’s background includes extensive experience in women’s health and pediatrics as well as 15 years as a Family Practice Nurse Practitioner in various settings (Urgent Care/Family Practice).

Megan lives a short drive from our clinic with her husband, two children, and dog – Zoey. Her children are currently 8 & 4 years old, and Megan devotes the majority of her time off (and ALL of her paycheck) to them when not at “The Grove”. When provided personal time, Megan loves to travel, cook, and read novels.


Glow by the Grove

Step into ultimate radiance with Glow - By The Grove! Prepare to unleash your inner glow, shining both inside and out. We've crafted a wellness and aesthetics brand that's as exceptional as YOU. Our team, led by Dr. Brittany Lob, DNP, FNP-C, is here to work their magic at our Coppell, Texas, office. With a range of minimally invasive aesthetic treatments, including anti-aging wonders and laser skin resurfacing. Want to discover which services are tailored just for you? Reach out to our office today and let us guide you on this luminous journey. We treat a multitude of skin conditions such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scaring, stretch marks, acne scars, eyelid hooding, and many more! We use a combination of lasers, Opus Plasma radiofrequency skin resurfacing, medical grade skin care, and botox/dysport to treat and prevent any of these issues. Oh, and don't forget to join us on our Instagram page @glow_by_thegrove. Plus, when you sign up for our rewards program HERE, prepare for a shower of perks, discounts, and even special financing. Get ready to glow like never before with Glow - By The Grove, where brilliance meets beauty!

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About Healthcare At The Grove

Healthcare at the Grove offers caring and affordable primary care for patients throughout their lifespan. Experienced family nurse practitioners Margaret Cusack, FNP, and Brittany Lob, DNP, FNP, have more than 30 years of collective experience in their field, and they lead a team of knowledgeable providers who deliver exemplary medical care in the Coppell, Texas, office. 

The Healthcare at the Grove team views each patient as a whole person, not a collection of symptoms. Through preventive care, they can help patients avoid many acute and chronic illnesses and even metabolic disorders.

The practice is also a reliable source of wellness care when you’re not feeling your best. From routine wellness exams and immunizations to intravenous (IV) nutritional therapy, supplements, and skin rejuvenation through Opus Plasma® and Harmony XL Pro ClearLift® treatments, the providers can help optimize your wellness in a variety of ways.  

The Healthcare at the Grove team is currently accepting new patients, and always welcomes returning patients. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.