IV Therapy

At this time, please call and schedule your IV Therapy, Dysport, and Covid event testing appointments instead of using the Patient Portal. Hope to see you soon. Thank you!


IV therapy has been gaining headway for years as a safe option for rapid hydration as well as a way to fight micronutrient depletion. The Grove offers customized infusions based on symptoms, activities, and personalized needs. Below are a few of our more common treatments. All treatments can be done in the clinic over 45 minutes to an hour. Please call to schedule today!


*The Hydration base varies on formulation, please let the provider know if you have any underlying health condition, all results my vary depending on individual, IV therapy although deemed very safe is still not without risk. Although data continues to emerge about the benefits of treatment decision to begin therapy should always be done in conjunction with council from a healthcare professional and should not be done in place of standard health care.


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Problem Solver

Not only will this one target the pain involved with a migraine but also the symptoms that come with it such as nausea. This is packed with the support your body needs to combat the worst of migraines.

Includes: Hydrating base, Vitamin B, Calcium, Ketorolac, & Ondansetron.

The Flu

Bug got you down? This formulation helps to calm the stomach as well as hydrate you to get you feeling better quicker.

Includes: Hydrating Base, Vitamin B12, Ondansetron, & Famotitine.

The Meyer

This tried and true formulation is the is perfect for the “On The Go” person. This quick pick me up is the standard formula for everyone’s busy lifestyles.

Includes: Hydrating Base, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin B12, & Magnesium.

That time of the Month

That time of the month is hard enough, this formulation will help with some of the key symptoms of PMS as well as give your body the extra support it needs.

Includes: Hydrating base, Magnesium, Calcium, & Electrolytes.